Small Group Moderation Procedures

Monday, 10 February 2020 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

School Curriculum and Standards Authority - Hackett room
303 Sevenoaks Street CANNINGTON 6107

Coordinator/s: Suzie Harman

Places available: 14 of 30

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This seminar is designed for teachers who are participating in a small group moderation partnership in 2020.
The seminar will focus on:
- the Authority requirements for small group moderation
- the model for assessment in a partnership
- procedures to ensure comparability between partner schools.
Event notes
Attendance is not compulsory but highly recommended for teachers who will be involved in a small group moderation partnership in 2020 and have not previously attended this seminar.
Schools are responsible for any costs incurred (e.g. teacher relief, accommodation, travel) as a result of this workshop.
The Cannington Station is located directly across the road, or participants are advised to park their vehicles in Grose Avenue towards Carousel Shopping Centre.

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